Wooden bitcoins

We’re told not to take any wooden nickels, but wooden bitcoins are hard to resist.

A collaboration between Cryptopods and the Bitcoin Penny Company, this wooden bee coin that I was lucky enough to land is an example of a trend in bitcoin collectibles: items of such limited production that they are essentially art projects.

This coin is unique, the only one of its kind. It is part of a set of 10 insect-themed wooden coins, each with a different doodle by the creator of Bitcoin Pennies:  ant, bee, butterfly, centipede, dragonfly, flea, ladybug, mantis, wasp and worm.

Wooden bee coin, reverse.

Each coin has a unique vanity address starting with “1Wooden”, with the key secured on the back under a Cryptopods hologram. The coins were then auctioned off on the bitcointalk forum.

They’re rough, but that’s part of the fun: wooden tokens featuring hand-drawn sketches, part of a set whose appeal is very niche. Will someone, someday, try to track down and re-unite the set? Maybe. Or maybe these will simply be unique items in collections around the world.

What makes a collectible, anyway? When we think of collectible coins, we think of things that have been mass-produced, albeit in controlled numbers.  But art can be collected too, and each piece is unique. Both worlds are combined in delightful projects like this.

Cryptopods & Bitcoin Penny Co. wooden insect coins: the bee.
Wooden bee coin, reverse.
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